How can I help my cat sleep better?

1. Feed your cat a healthy diet.

Cheaper foods tend to contain fewer nutrients. As a result, your cat will be less frisky and more lethargic. Give your cat better food to ensure more restful sleep.

2. Give your cat plenty of playtime.

Cats like to play. If you don’t give the ample play time they need, don’t be surprised when they wake you up at 2:00am by pawing at your face. You can keep them engaged during the day by giving them regular interactive play sessions. Many cats enjoy watching a bird feeder outside a window, for instance. Then, provide cat safe toys specifically designed for night time play so she can be entertained while you sleep. A glow in the dark ball that is quiet when batted is a wonderful night time toy.

3. Make a firm decision about inviting your cat into your bed.

If you choose to let your cat sleep with you, like 62% of cat owners do, get a mattress large enough and with decent motion isolation so you’re not roused by her collar jingling during a dream. Cats are also creatures of habit, so think hard and know for sure you want to let her sleep with you. Once you allow cats into your bedroom, it can be confusing for her if you decide to change your mind and are inconsistent with when she’s allowed in.